Nidhogg Shotgun Review

For starters, you surely would have already noticed that the new Playgrounds is now also a part of the NBA 2K family, with its full title being NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. Just before its original launch, which was supposed to be summer 2018, Playgrounds 2 was delayed.

Honestly, playing NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 feels like an interactive sports anime. Players must take into consideration the center of gravity, mass, location and placement of parts. I find it baffling that I can't compete in a real career-style match against AI players like in the first game.

As with most games, the matchmaking is pretty awful and you'll often be put up against players with far better PS and equipment than yourself (typically as they have cashed like crazy, as per the majority of games nowadays), potentially resulting in a mass of losses which don't give you anything but a little experience.

Matchmaking is currently limited only by the parts used to create the players' vehicles. Most players, especially at lower levels, don't have access to any strong frames or struts to mount their guns on. In fact, they're often just welded to the vehicle's base frame.

The game developers know this, so they provide the Exhibition database for players to share their creations with the community. Speaking of more lively, that also applies to the gameplay mechanics too. While it's certainly short, it packs a punch over its three hours of gameplay and hints at what's to come in the rest of the Life is Strange universe.

In what appears to be the first in a series of videos, judging by the number next to its title, a new Stormdivers dev diary video has been posted online with a peek behind the scenes of the studio's thought processes about the game and what its looking to bring to battle royale.

Directly attached to the frame are your vehicle's cabin (which determines how much energy your vehicle has for weapons) and parts for movement (which include wheels, tracks, legs, or even more exotic things). Unique vehicles, crafted by players using a wide range of available parts: from nimble buggies to heavily tracked off-road vehicles or combat platforms on antigrav fields.

If you can overlook the heavier integration of the online component and the microtransactions (which, again, are pretty avoidable), then there's a really good chance you'll still have gameplay a lot of fun with NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 regardless of whether you've already played the original or not.

Solution: A Fair and Balance fix is to make White items a tier 1 class so that players can face against other tier 1 players. The Legendary Server will bring players back to the very start of the MMORPG's launch with 50 as the level cap and Angmar as the high-level location.

That said, it's not out of the realm of possibility for the game to spread to the PS4 - it made it to Xbox One in August of last year and, assuming the game had console exclusivity, a year's time would be long enough for Grinding Gear Games to branch out.

A multiplayer car combat game with a bad attitude, Crossout pits you against other combatants and asks you to lean on your creativity with different weapons to gain the upper hand. You aren't exactly left wanting when it comes to PS4 free-to-play games, so we decided to rattle off some of the best.

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